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This page gives information about and access to our free Start A Home Business Tutorial Course.

This is a special message from the Director of The Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line.

Dear Visitor,

As the Director of a Chamber of Commerce, every week I am asked hundreds of questions about starting home businesses, drop shipping and importing products. Such questions first lead us to post on our web site a frequently asked questions page.

The frequently answered questions page was not effective enough so we developed a series of tutorials that target particular question areas. The tutorials offered in this page discuss the startup and running of a home based business.

This is a professionally written tutorial series provided as a public service and written with the intent of establishing good, long tern relationships between you, the reader, and members of our Chamber. And it makes it easier for us to be able to give consistent, clear and complete information regardless of our workload.

Le me start by giving you the answer to the most often asked questions. Yes, it is true that if you want to make a comfortable, full time living on the internet while working only a few hours a week, you can.

But not everyone does. Hundreds of thousands of people start businesses and struggle just to break even. If you are not careful that can happen to you.

There is a lot more to making a profit than having a good product or good idea. Hundreds of thousands of people start home businesses with fantastic products and great ideas and end up struggling just to break even. Many of them invest hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, and untold hours of time for no results.

Others spend a couple hours a week and make a full time living, very comfortably.

The difference lies only in a knowledge gap.

You do not need a lot of money. You do not need a lot of time.

You do need a simple plan that just applies basic principles.


These tutorials give you the basics and a lot more.

They do not tell you how to get rich quickly.

They do tell you how to make a very good living running a home business.

They do tell you how to set up a solid foundation on which you can build a solid business with a solid income stream.

They do tell you how to work smarter and not harder.

This course is for you if you:

checkHave no money to waste on starting your business

checkHave no money to spend on inventory

checkHave been spinning your wheels and not making money with your current web site or eBay efforts

checkWould like to look at what is involved before you waste time and money

checkWould like some examples of how people are making it and how others did not.

checkWant to get started right the first time.


Course Summary

This all-new version contains all the information that you need to start, run, and build a successful online business. The unique step-by-step layout of the course contains in-depth information on:



100’s of hot-selling product ideas – opportunities for the work at home Mom and Dad – how to turn your passions and ideas into money – secrets to designing web sites that sell hundreds of thousands of dollars per year – how to rank #1 in the search engines – turning leads into lifetime customers with e-mail marketing – writing ad copy that sells! – free and low-cost online classified ads that produce sales – building a HUGE responsive opt-in e-mail list, FAST – dominate your market using affiliate programs – how to set up your own affiliate program, free – making sales instantly with online auctions like eBay – how to make money on eBay without ever selling a thing – how to accept credit cards online – expanding your business to reach international markets – getting links from 100’s of high-traffic sites – how to use the opportunities in one of the largest industries of all; dating and matchmaking – getting traffic from discussion lists and newsgroup promotions – viral marketing – how to get big cash from the big search engines, FREE – how to get 1,000’s of subscribers to your newsletter – sales strategies like price setting and bonuses – advanced promotions that increase sales 100% (or more) in 24 hours! – selling without inventory to make a guaranteed profit – how to spend less than 60 minutes per day running your business! – sources of FREE advertising and traffic – how to build a simple business that increases your income $10 per day on less than 60 minutes per day – how to use free out sourcing to leverage your time – how to build your own on line sales force that increases your profits exponentially – how to build a wholesale business selling to big retailers – using flea market and bazaar vendors to your benefit – how you can make a killing at flea markets and bazaars from your home computer – how to reduce your time at the computer while increasing your income – how to make a full time living on less than two hours per day – how to set up a Yahoo store that makes you money fast and without risk – where to get information about making a business plan free from the US government – low cost ways to incorporate – using your ideas to make money from the search engines – how to import and sell unique products – how to set up your own on line gift shop – and hundreds of more business ideas and information for you to use.


The lessons give you case studies and a simple business plan that you can use to:

checkSelect your workplace

checkMake your own schedule

checkDetermine your own lifestyle


Is A Web Business For You?

If you want to earn an independent income, it is. It is not hard. It just takes discipline. If you understand that making money entails work, you can make it. And it you want to make a lot of money, you just have to work smarter and not harder. This series of tutorials gives you the basics and then shows you how to work smarter.

The series of tutorials is a free, public service provided by the Poland Chamber, Inc. You are invited to subscribe. You get 8 lessons by email. You can cancel automatically at any time.

When people come to your business, you either sell or don’t sell. These tutorials show you how to set up so that you sell. And, above all, they show you how to work smarter. For yourself!

This course material is available in book form at the PolandsBest Book Library.  Click here to read a review.

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