Shipment Tracking Sites

About tracking your package from Poland to your address.

The Polish postal system is quite efficient in moving packages from Poland to the destination country. Likewise, it is quite efficient in providing tracking information.

Packages normally leave Poland within two days of the time that they are deposited with Polish post. And when they leave the country, tracking information is immediately posted.

Most packages are shipped by air and go to major distribution points in the destination country.

It is at these distribution points that delays occur.

It often takes one to two weeks for the receiving distribution point to acknowledge that the product was received and to enter a tracking number.Sometimes they process the package and send it to your local post office but don’t get around to updating the tracking information for many days.

So as you tracking your package, you will only see information saying that the package is in transit from Poland  Even though the package is at the distribution point, or processed and forwarded to you, the people there just have not gotten around to entering tracking information.

All one can say is that if you have a tracking number from Polish post, you can be assured that that package left Poland within two days of the time it was deposited in the post office. If you see a message telling you that the package is in transit from Poland, it probably means that if is in your country awaiting for your country’s postal system to process it.

Below are links to tracking sites that you can use.


Shipment Tracking Sites

Convenient links that you can use to track your shipments from Poland.

Start by going to the Polish Post site.  Then the sits for your country.

EMS and Polish Post

These are the starting point. You can track the mail in Poland. Note, however, that the time in Poland is typically short. The delivery time is mostly made up of your package being processed by your country’s mail system.

Poczta Polska (Polish Post)

Polish Post (English Version)

EMS in Poland

Both EMS and Polish Post In Other Countries

Once your package gets to your country, final delivery is made by your country’s postale system. These are links to  major distribution points.






You can find links for other countries by using the internet search engine of your choice.

General Sites

EMS in China


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