Auto Responders

If you are in business you need an autoresponder. And you need a mechanism to capture email addresses so that you can follow-up for service and additional sales.

An autoresponder is a marketing tool. And business success is all about marketing.

There are many autoresponder services to which you can subscribe.

You can also get your own autoresponder free. We use the free service and here is why.

The subscription-based auto responders basically own you. They decide what email addresses you can add to your system. They have a lot of rules that you have to follow.

And they can be expensive. As your mailing list grows, so do your costs.

We moved away from the subscription-based system because of excessive costs. So we purchased an autoresponder. That was a mistake. The company from which we purchased it had in the program a license check feature so that the program could not be given to someone else.

When my company went out of business. And our program could no longer check the license so are ability to use that autoresponder disappeared with the company.

So we found an autoresponder that you can find at this link. It’s free. It takes a little bit to set up but the company providing the program will set it up for you for a fee.

They provide that autoresponder as part of their marketing efforts. They get your email and they can advertise their marketing services.

There are others available but we recommend what we use and where quite satisfied with this.

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