Selling On Amazon

Information about selling on Amazon effectively.

Let us open us up by saying that reviews of your product are critical.

If you are not selling, it is probably because you do not have enough reviews.

Do not advertise using Amazon sponsored links or any other service until you have reviews. People will not buy if there are no reviews.

If you advertise without reviews, you are just throwing money away because people will go to your listing and not buy.

The above is critical information. The information below talks about how to get reviews and other important things.

Google Chrome FBA Calculator – One click to check if selling product is profitable.

Getting Reviews For New Product   РAn excellent video that is part of a good series on selling on amazon.

Getting Reviews After Sales – A good way to build your position.

How To Add Bullet Points

How To Make Product Descriptions

How To Calculate Fees

How To Price To Make More Money

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