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This is the business information service for small online business with free help and videos.

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There are almost 300 tutorials and videos with training materials that small businesses can use to start and run their business.

This business information service is free. There are no required memberships and access to all training material and videos is free.

The materials here are presented by the Small Business Academy and the Poland Chamber which are the sponsors of this service.

In the navigation bar above are some links to other more specific information that small businesses tend to look for quite consistently. You are invited to review that material.

There is also a free business start up and business planning course that you can take by going to this link and subscribing. Start A Business Course

If we stress anything in this site, it is business planning. Most people fail in business before they start simply because they do not plan. It is our intent to provide as much material as possible so that you can take your time and effectively plan before you go into business.

For the key to success is to plan your business and work your plan. We hope that the information in this site will help you.

Additionally, if you are already in business, we recommend strongly that you review this material because much of it can help you improve your business.

If there is something that you need and you do not find it in our library, please do contact us so that we can do what is necessary to improve the service that we provide to small-business owners.

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We do hope that you have found this page early in your business planning process. But if not, we believe that it is never too late to go back and plan. So go through as much of the material here as you possibly can to see what can help you.

We do hope that this business information service page provides you useful information.

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